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The Ekateryna Nova talk on inventions is on how universities need to reflect our changing world with...

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Ekateryna Nova's Invention Talk on Universities and Career Paths

 - Feb 4, 2015
References: youtu.be
In her invention talk, Ekateryna Nova explains how universities and governments should address the fact that people nowadays are likely to have on average seven jobs, compared to only one or two in the past. The speaker explains how the base layer of education changed, resulting in degree inflation (the more people have particular level of education, the less relevant it is). She proposes we change what we learn and where we learn it, moving from a 1950s style curriculum to one befitting a 21st century world.

Describing the stories of how air conditioners, parachutes and web cams were invented, she emphasizes the importance of liquid networks. The invention talk suggests a multidisciplinary approach where people don't waste their potential because they don't have the ability to explore different fields. The speaker states universities should implement programs combining different areas and those with resources should share them.