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Jonathan Adler Discusses Careers in His Job Pursuit Keynote

 - May 11, 2013
References: 99u
Pursuing a desired career is a difficult endeavor that many individuals persist on actualizing with strategic and commonplace knowledge, but Jonathan Adler insist that individuals require to be submerged in their pursuits as discussed in his job pursuit keynote.

Oftentimes individuals will pursue a career with strategic precision, but Adler believes that people don't require a decisive action plan. To achieve success, one has to establish creations that will not only resonate with the audience, but also with the creator, since many individuals tend to focus on subject matter that's popular with a particular sector of society.

Following passions in creation will lead to an attitude that liberates the producer from constraints. Businesses should spearhead projects with the utmost confidence and not contemplate about what's expected from them.