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Rita McGrath's Non-Traditional Strategy Talk Looks at Competitive Edge

 - Aug 19, 2014
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In her non-traditional strategy talk, Rita McGrath discusses her book, 'The End of Competitive Advantage.' The publication examines how strategy is evolving from its traditional form, what she refers to as "sustainable competitive advantage." Companies tend to cling to this style of strategy because it's familiar and has a good track record, choosing to ignore the fact that it may no longer be the most advantageous method.

McGrath has developed a "new playbook for strategy" that rests upon several fundamental building blocks. The first step is constant reconfiguration, followed by disengagement (learning when to stop what no longer benefits you), a more egalitarian resource allocation process (rather than a top-down system controlled by the most powerful) and more proficient innovation. Specifically, McGrath challenges leaders to become more discovery-driven and candid.

This transient advantage, as McGrath refers to new strategy, will have long-lasting implications on how individuals structure their career trajectory.