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This Danny Hillis Internet Speech Urges For a Back-Up Plan

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: longnow.org & youtu.be
Danny Hillis begins his Internet speech by giving an interesting and humorous history lesson. He talks about how when the Internet first came about every user was documented in a book, there was a level of trust and there was a protocol.

Now there is almost chaos. This is troublesome warns Danny, because the Internet is majorly relied on today. He breaks down in detail how almost every business in the world is either Internet-based or has it implemented in some form.

He also talks about how fragile it is. If it were to crash, or if someone were to perform cyber terrorism, the results would be catastrophic. As a result, Danny's Internet speech closes by telling people we need to offer an alternative means just in case -- even if it is as simple as creating a way for firefighters and police to communicate if the Internet crashes.