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John Hagel's Information Technology Keynote Talks Male Archetypes

 - Oct 23, 2012
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In this information technology keynote, consult John Hagel examines the implications imposed by IT for women. A bias against women has existed for centuries, and unfortunately, that bias continues to exist in industries such as IT. This bias, according to Hagel, is amplified by a concept he identifies as the masculine archetype.

The masculine archetype emerges during periods of economic pressure and intense competition (extremely common in Silicon Valley). Vulnerability can never be displayed as business today is viewed as a zero-sum game. Hagel explains how people are under the impression that the only way to succeed today is by adopting this masculine archetype.

He then introduces the idea of the feminine archetype, which focuses on relations rather than transactions. The feminine archetype enables individuals to tap into tacit knowledge -- the most important kind today according to Hagel -- based on shared feelings of trust. This information technology keynote demonstrates how gender bias and binary still plays a role in the world today.