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Jonathan Kemp's Information Speech is About Simplifying Life

 - May 5, 2015
In his managing information speech, Jonathan Kemp explains how we can achieve academic excellence and gain knowledge through good strategy, process and skills as well as through intelligence.

Even though there are 180,000 books published a year in the UK and people check their mobile devices around 150 to 200 times a day, the speaker isn't worried about information overload. He believes life is very simple and the three things he values most about day to day life (enjoying the moment, other people's company, courtesy) don't require information. The information speech also outlines his six personal goals in the next year, two of which he needs information for.

As a developer of a world-class note-taking technique, the speaker shares specific strategies he utilizes on a daily basis too. This includes the 20/80 effort to work ratio and the principle that work adapts to fill the time restricted.