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Daniel Goleman's Green Movement Keynote is About Balance in Business

 - Aug 8, 2013
References: danielgoleman.info & youtu.be
Daniel Goleman discusses the balance between environmental concerns and business in this green movement keynote. Goleman states that environmentalists and big businesses butting heads is outdated. He claims that this accomplishes nothing. Goleman believes that environmentalists are needed in business, and a balance is starting to emerge.

Daniel Goleman talks about environmentalists owning market shares for big businesses. He says that this is one way to force companies to be environmentally responsible and to shift the power a little bit.

Goleman also discusses Earth Day in this green movement keynote. While he doesn't believe that this annual Eco-focused day changes much, he does believe it's a great way to raise awareness about environmental issues. He says that taking part in eco-frienldy Earth Day activities can have a great effect on people.