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The Haley Van Dyck talk explains how the startup she co-founded is radically disrupting the way the...

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Haley Van Dyck's Government Talk is on Providing Digital Services

 - Apr 28, 2016
References: whitehouse.gov & youtu.be
In her government talk, Haley Van Dyck explains how a startup in the White House is creating radical change by improving the way America delivers critical services. The speaker believes the "growing dichotomy between the beneficiaries of tech revolution and those it's left behind is one of the greatest challenges of our time" because the government is unable to provide digital services that work and as a result the people who need them most are being disproportionally affected.

The government talk states the US government spends $86 billion a year on federal IT projects, but 94% aren't delivered on time and 40% are scrapped or abandoned. To her, radical disruption is the only choice when student loans and veteran benefits are on the line. Her team at the US Digital Service is creating an easy way for entrepreneurs to disrupt government. The network of startups organize to create change and offer world-class services for everyone at dramatically lower costs. Their aim is to make the government better by recruiting the best talent in the country for short tours of duty inside government, pairing people from the tech sector with existing dedicated civil servants , deploying them strategically and giving them massive coverage to transform services for the better.