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The Ted Graham talk on disruptive innovation shares lessons he learned as an UberX driver. The Ted...

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Ted Graham's Talk About Entrepreneurship Discusses Being an UberX Driver

 - Jul 16, 2015
References: youtu.be
In his talk about entrepreneurship, Ted Graham shares the top three lessons he learned as an UberX driver. He believes this particular model for ridesharing is not only disruptive to the transportation industry, but also offers greater insight into what disruption in innovation can look like. He also draws comparison to his current role at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

The talk about entrepreneurship suggests recruiting partners like you would customers. When it comes to partnership, that often involves providing incentives for clients. Feedback for consequences. Ratings with Uber go both ways, which means the customer isn't always right. In the world of business, this means individual employees are more important than one poorly behaved customer or client. Balancing risk and reward in a regulated world is also important. The speaker encourages fellow intra-preneurs to piece together all their experiences and apply them in order to impact the world.