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Pete Selleck’s Generosity Speech is Influential to Firms and Employees

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: live.michelinmedia & fastcompany
Pete Selleck’s generosity speech explains how Michelin gives back to the community, and inspires other chains to pursue similar tactics.

Selleck quite simply believes that generosity is the consequence of respect. It is important to show that you respect your customers, and just as equally, your employees. Any person who shows an interest or concern in the brand or company should be recognized. It is through their loyalty and commitment that the company is successful.

Since 2008, Michelin has donated over 1000 tires to help Yellowstone National Park equip 800 vehicles, from patrol cars to garbage trucks and snow plows. Furthermore, in 2013, it was honored with the Payroll Giving Gold Award, because 15 per cent of workers gave money to charity through their payroll. This generosity does not go unnoticed, and when companies and employees go out of their way to make a difference, it speaks highly of the brands work ethics.