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Gary Vaynerchuk Delivers Tips in This Thank You Economy Keynote

 - Aug 8, 2012
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Host of Wine Library TV and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk shows the importance of caring in this thank you economy keynote. Through the power of social media, there has been a humanization of business, and through this, Vaynerchuk believes we are going through what he deems the "thank you economy." Through his own successes, Vaynerchuk discusses how the most powerful site is the search in Twitter. It is not so important about what you tweet, but instead the power is found in our ability to listen and by caring enough to answer.

Vaynerchuk sees the return to small town rules. It is no longer super easy for marketers to pound down the messages, instead, there is now a need for one-on-one marketing. What corporations need to do now is to take advantage of this phenomena by thanking users and fans, in order to create relationships with brands. This thank you economy keynote shows how successful businesses will need to humanize themselves to thrive.