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Warren Buffett's Integrity in Business Keynote Explores Qualities

 - Nov 7, 2012
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Warren Buffet, often referred to as the 'Micahel Jordan of the investing game,' delivered an insightful integrity in business keynote speech to students at the University of Georgia. His first piece of advice for students is to work for an individual or institution that you admire; whether or not it will look reputable on a resume. What is important is to do what you want now and not wait until you feel you've put in your time.

Many individuals believe that it is top grades and work experience that set apart the winners from the rest in business, but Buffett argues that these qualities really do not matter. The type of qualities that lead to success are the ones that self-made like integrity, honesty, generosity and hard work. Buffett looks for three qualities when he hires someone -- intelligence, initiative and integrity, but the latter is the most important.

His integrity in business keynote encourages students to work on developing good habits in relation to these qualities as they will be what leads to success and happiness.