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Pope Francis' Future Address Speaks of Hope and Togetherness

 - Apr 27, 2017
References: youtube
His Holiness Pope Francis recently delivered a TED Talk directly from Vatican City, and the future address is both critical and hopeful. Speaking to the TED conference entitled 'The Future You' via livestream, Pope Francis looked at how "the future is made of yous," meaning that every person's experience is deeply and inextricably tied to the experiences and behaviors of others.

Since his ascension to the highest seat of the Catholic church in 2013, His Holiness Pope Francis has distinguished himself from his predecessors with his willingness and aptitude for addressing the world through the media of modern technology. TED Talks are one such modern avenue, a worldwide conference devoted to spreading reason and knowledge, and thus Pope Francis' decision to speak at a TED Talk virtually is all the more fitting.