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Charlie Day’s Funny Commencement Speech Dismisses Waiting For Your Big Break

 - May 22, 2014
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In this funny commencement speech, Charlie Day offers insight and laughs to his alma mater. As a Merrimack College graduate and co-creator of the hit television program It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the actor and writer has much knowledge to share and impeccable comedic timing.

The honorary doctorate recipient speaks extensively on fear. Whether it’s on fear of success and the ridiculous hats to look forward to, or fear of failure, the speaker has lots of tips. In his funny commencement speech, Day (Man) tells the 2014 graduating class if they are going to run the risk of failure, then they should do it where they will be proud to fail. He philosophizes having a plan B can muddle up plan A.

Through his personal experiences, the Charlie Day speech encourages people to create their own opportunities and to bet on themselves. He also notes, without struggle, there is no success and people should do what makes them great.