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The Tanvee Patankar talk advocates for adding mandatory classes to high school curricula in life...

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Tanvee Patankar's Financial Education Presentation Suggests Curriculums

 - Dec 10, 2014
References: youtu.be
In her financial education presentation, high school student Tanvee Patankar states teenagers need to learn how to handle their personal finances in school. She believes not enough teens know how to do this, as evidenced by an average credit rating of 643 for those between ages 18 and 24 as well as average credit card debt of $3173 for college freshmen.

As a solution, the financial education presentation suggests incorporating a mandatory personal finance class in high school curricula. Patankar explains if the purpose of education is to prepare young people for the real world, life management needs to be a bigger part of graduation requirements. She also recommends adding units on driver's education, health and social/emotional learning in addition to financial literacy.

To prove high school classes providing practical exposure to real world finance work, the young speaker cites the Oklahoma State Department of Education, which created state standards for this subject.