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Arlene Dickinson Discusses True Interests In This Entrepreneur Talk

 - Jun 5, 2013
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Arlene Dickinson is gracious and humble as she gives this inspiring entrepreneur talk. She discusses the importance of showing gratitude to others throughout your personal journey.

Other important qualities to have in life include having unwavering hope and being truly interested. While delivering this entrepreneur talk Arlene Dickinson explains that having hope for the future and being hopeful about the world around you will help you find your next opportunity. She also says if you are genuinely interested in the people and the world you will find purpose and purpose is important because it is what drives us all.

Perhaps the most lasting message in this entrepreneur talk by Arlene is her caution to not measure success by the amount of money you make. A better way to gauge your success is by looking critically at your life. If you are able to be an individual who does good work and contributes to something bigger and someone who loves and is loved than you have more success than money could ever buy.

Finally, when it comes to being an entrepreneur leader, be genuinely interested in the people around. As you listen and observe the world around you you will become a stronger leader because you will understand what the people around you need.