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Michael Porter Raises the Bar in This Shared Value Keynote

 - Aug 26, 2012
References: drfd.hbs.edu & youtu.be
Within this shared value keynote, Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter addresses business leaders to raise the bar by re-conceiving the way we do business. Contemporary society has an awareness about many problems in the world, and Porter believes what we are doing now is not working. And, often times businesses are believed to be a part of the problem in creating these challenges, however they can help offer a solution because business has a role in social and economic development.

Businesses believe that Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and programs are enough, but as Porter points out they do not even make a dent in communities. Social activity is seen as separate from the business, but through reconception businesses can have a positive impact on society.

Porter introduces his concept of Creating Shared Value showing how it can both benefit companies and societal issues alike.