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Julie Taymor's Entertainment Keynote on Her Creative Process

 - Aug 3, 2013
References: imdb & youtu.be
Director Julie Taymor discusses her works and creative process in this entertainment keynote. Taymor has experience directing in film, theater and opera. In this keynote on creation, she shares with the audience the motivations behind some of her more daring works.

Taymor's goal is to bring audiences everywhere something that captures a story, provides breath-taking visuals and offers an experience unlike any other. She uses her stage production of Spiderman as an example of such a work.

Julie Taymor believes that creative people, such as directors, create for the sake of entertainment rather than for money or fame. She shares a treasured memory with the audience, discussing a trip that she went on. While on this trip, she witnessed a tribe carrying out an elaborate performance, but without an audience. She believes they were performing for God.