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Martin Villeneuve Delivers a Creative Problem Solving Keynote

 - Jun 27, 2013
Film maker Martin Villeneuve recently gave a creative problem solving keynote in which he discusses constraints as being springboards for creativity. Villeneuve uses his film Mars et Avril as an example of a time when obstacles have forced him to push his own creative limits.

Villeneuve’s film Mars et Avril was made on an extremely limited budget. The film is set in the future in Montreal and involves holograms, musicians and love triangles. Though futuristic films often cost millions of dollars to create, Villeneuve found another way to bring his film to life. One of the actors Villeneuve wanted for his film was unavailable, so Martin turned his character into a hologram from the neck up. This saved him both time and money.

Villeneuve views obstacles as opportunities for pushing one’s creative limits.