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An Employment Pressures Metaphor Keynote by Dick Ruhe

 - Jan 16, 2013
References: dickruhe & youtu.be
In Dr. Dick Ruhe’s employment pressures metaphor keynote, he likens an average work day to a ride on a roller coaster and asserts that the key thing we need to grasp is how to cope with the ups and downs of it all.

Dr. Ruhe begins his animated keynote by explaining what work days used to look like. For this, he uses the metaphor of a merry go ‘round that each employee steps on when they walk into work. They get on the ride and go in circles doing their duties.

However, Dr. Ruhe quickly updates his work day metaphor to that of a roller coaster and by doing so emphasizes the need for employees to learn to react in a responsive, elastic manner.

He then equates the work day pressures to juggling apples on your way into work. He says as you get further into your office more fruits are added to your juggling.