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David Allen's Productive Lifestyle Keynote Introduces Psychic Bandwidth

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: davidco & youtu.be
David Allen is one of the world's top productivity gurus and his productive lifestyle keynote dismisses traditional strategies for getting things done. One of the most interesting things to take away from Allen's speech is that crisis can actually evoke a type of calmness and inspire productivity. During chaos and crisis, Allen believes that people are most engaged with what is happening, and the secret to true productivity is engagement.

The more you think about completing something, the less work you will actually do. When people insist that they need more time to complete something; they are falling into a dangerous type of behavior. Allen introduces the concept of 'psychic bandwidth.' People do not need more time to think or complete something -- they need more space and room to think, make mistakes and experience.

His productive lifestyle keynote ultimately argues that the most productive times are when people have room to make mistakes and be chaotic.