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Don Lindsay Explores the BlackBerry 10 in a Mobile Experience Keynote

 - Jan 3, 2013
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Don Lindsay, the Vice President, User Experience Design Research in Motion, introduces the new BlackBerry 10 and its capabilities in his mobile experience keynote. He states that the BlackBerry team at RIM is constantly trying to makes users more efficient and more productive with their time and that this makes up the brand's DNA. He argues that the new BlackBerry 10 embodies this passion. It represents not only an innovation in touch, but it also rolls out a new theme of the brand known as "peek." "Peek" transforms the way users experience touch on their mobile devices.

Peek allows users to control the flow of function and usage on their phone. It manages interruptions, distractions and productivity in an entirely new way. The metaphor he uses is that Peek makes the experience feel as natural as glancing at your watch. Lindsay's mobile experience keynote reflects the brand's efforts at rebuilding the reputation and value of BlackBerry.