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Eli Beer's Emergency Response Keynote Discusses Ambucycles

 - Jul 31, 2013
References: unitedhatzalah.org & youtu.be
Eli Beer talks about life-saving volunteers and 'ambucycles' in this emergency response keynote. Beer grew up wanting to help people. He took an EMT course and volunteered with an ambulance when he was only 17 years old. This experience made Beer realize that traffic and poor ambulance response times were preventing medics from saving lives.

Beer organized a group of caring volunteers and together they took turns listening to police scanners to help those who were in need of immediate assistance. These volunteers used motorcycles equipped with medical supplies to avoid traffic and save lives while waiting for an ambulance to arrive at the scene.

Eli Beer founded the United Hatzalah, which is made up largely of volunteers. The United Hatzalah can be found all over
Israel, in some parts of America and soon in India. Beer and his volunteer team drop everything that they're doing to help safe the lives of strangers.