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David Brancaccio Explains Why Doubting the Media is Healthy

 - Jan 18, 2012
References: thelavinagency & youtu.be
In this brief speech, David Brancaccio, the host of 'NOW' on PBS -- a show dedicated to investigating the effects that corporations and government institutions have on members of society -- tackles some of today's most pressing opinions that Americans have on the media today.

David Brancaccio begins his speech by discussing a particular poll that questioned its participants on their opinions of the media. The poll asked if the media is free to report the truth without interference from the government or large corporations. David Brancaccio then reveals that when Americans answered this question, 50% felt that reporters were unable to freely report the truth, while only 30% believed the media was free to do as it pleased. David Brancaccio believes that American society today is becoming much more skeptical. He believes that this is extremely healthy and beneficial for everyone because it will to hold individuals, including members of the media and the government, more accountable.