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Dan Bell Talks About His Foray into the US' Dead and Dying Shopping Malls

 - Apr 28, 2017
References: youtube & youtube
Dan Bell is a filmmaker who rose to Internet fame after he documented the dead shopping malls that can be found scattered around America's small towns.

After video taping his excursion into Owings Mills, the mall him and his friends spent hanging out throughout their teens that eventually shut down, Dan Bell posted the experience on YouTube. He began to see people's interest in his foray into this abandoned mall, and receiving requests from people to view the malls in their hometowns that also shut down – ultimately creating the 'Dead Mall Series'. Many of them – some that were once made famous in movies – appear frozen in time, while others are completely decrepit and in decay.

The quirky, humorous speech encourages viewers to seek things that are often overlooked, and teaches audiences that even in something as depressing as an abandoned mall there can be unexpected inspiration.