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Bruno Torturra's Streaming Keynote Explores Discrepancies

 - Dec 19, 2014
References: youtube
Bruno Torturra's live-streaming keynote encourages audiences to leverage the power of their smartphones to film and broadcast social discrepancies. The idea is that sharing live footage of protests or police brutality, for example, will help to bring awareness to injustices occurring globally.

Torturra is one of the co-founders of an organization titled Media Ninja that works to bring together journalism and activism through the medium of broadcasting. Torturra advocates for the use of smartphones and their advance filming capabilities during events like protests to help capture injustices as well as allow others, who were not there, to experience the protest from the subjective perspective. Torturra makes the point that Media Ninja is not a news outlet nor is it attempting to be. Instead the organization wants to encourage people to become global broadcasters of their surroundings. "The simplicity of the technology can merge objectivity and subjectivity in a very political way," Torturra says, "because it really helps the audience, thus the citizen, to see the world through someone else eyes."