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The Scott Morris Currency Speech Analyzes the True Nature of Money

 - Jun 21, 2014
In his currency speech, Scott Morris explores how to prioritize people and the planet before paper wealth. The speaker acknowledges we are presently facing a crisis of societal, economic and environmental nature.

He notes that as children we want to use our gifts to give back to the community, but as we grow up money comes into play. Morris points out money is energy. There are different kinds of monetary energy and people are going to have to be selective about how to use it if they're going to re-prioritize people. The currency speech explains how money is a social technology -- an agreement within a community to use something (coins, shells, gold, etc.) as a medium of exchange.

But what does money do for future human behavior? The speaker theorizes money itself acts as a vote for a future yet to be. When we shop, invest, incentivize and reward we are co-creating a future we're electing into being.