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Paul Kemp-Robertson's Currency Keynote Examines Unusual Currencies

 - Jul 30, 2013
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Paul Kemp-Robertson talks about new and unusual forms of money in this currency keynote. He suggests that advances in technology are starting to make paper currency seem outdated. Kemp-Robertson walks his audience through a series of examples of alternatives to paper currency.

He discusses a synthetic currency that was created in 2008 called Bitcoin, which involves people competing to solve equations. The first person to successfully solve the equation gets the Bitcoins. Another strange currency alternative Kemp-Robertson discusses is the exchange of Tide laundry detergents for drugs. Though this seems like a bizarre transaction, it's becoming a problem in America. A 20 dollar bottle of Tide can buy drug users 10 dollars worth of marijuana or crack cocaine.

Paul Kemp-Robertson predicts that people will continue to notice an increase in alternatives to government-controlled currency over the next few years.