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Margaret Atwood is Insightful in this Cultural Commentary Keynote

 - Oct 29, 2012
References: margaretatwood & youtube
World renowned author Margaret Atwood provides insightful commentary in this cultural commentary keynote.

Atwood begins with insight into her notions on literature as a highly well-know writer, and her recent involvement analyzing the notion of death. She proceeds to delve into the importance of education for women, and various quips that showcase facts about the current state of women's rights. Specifically, she talks about the importance of having access to libraries so as to encourage reading not only for young girls, but also for students as a whole.

Going further into this topic, her speech inevitably evolves into the future of print. Atwood concludes that this age is a pivotal time for literature as it is a transitional age due to technological advances. Atwood took a decidedly conversational tone to this cultural commentary keynote, giving it an entertaining twist of insight.