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Derek Sivers Discusses Society In his Cultural Beliefs Keynote

 - Apr 4, 2013
References: youtube
This cultural beliefs keynote by Derek Sivers creatively discusses the assumptions people tend to have about certain aspects of society, and how individuals should learn to broaden their perspectives in order to allow for other possible answers and solutions.

Sivers uses the example of an individual standing in a neighborhood in America. When a Japanese man comes by to ask what the name of the block was, the individual immediately responded with the fact that blocks don’t have names, only streets do. While this person immediately assumed that this stranger was wrong in what he was asking, the reality is that in Japan, they don’t have street names but have blocks categorized by name and houses organized by which one was built first.

This clever example is meant to showcase the fact that while we may not fully understand certain things, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s necessarily wrong or false.