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Kay Koplotivz's Crowdfunding Potential Talk Looks Forward

 - Jul 23, 2014
References: youtube
Kay Koplotivz refers to crowdfunding as a "wonderful democratization of capital" in her crowdfunding potential talk.

The groundbreaking practice involves raising small amounts of money from a large amount of investors, most commonly through the Internet. Instead of doing business exclusively within closed networks, crowdfunding invites anyone who can qualify as an accredited investor into the mix. Koplotivz recognizes this as a good thing, but wonders about the next step. This means asking important questions, such as how crowdfunders are regarded in terms of being shareholders in companies, and whether or not this form of investing is able to seriously challenge more established venture firms.

The introduction of crowdfunding may cause companies to feel threatened, calling into question how they represent and conduct themselves. For now, Koplotivz predicts that crowdfunding will loosen up some of the capital, giving higher amount of access to people who haven't had the opportunity to become involved with deal flow.