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Guy Kawasaki Offers Advice to New Companies in His Start-Ups Keynote

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: guykawasaki & youtube
Guy Kawasaki offers his own insight with reagards to developing successful companies in his start-ups keynote.

As a former Apple employee, Kawasaki has gained invaluable knowledge about what creates a successful company. In his start-ups keynote, Kawasaki discusses the necessary formats that companies should strive to have in their workforce.

For a product to be successful it requires meaning. Kawasaki states that for a product to be successful it should have the prerequisite goal to change the world. A product needs to have a purpose for its construction. By providing consumers with a product that's meaningful, companies will culminate a sense of value among consumers that will propel them into success.

Companies that are successful weren't founded with the purpose of generating income. Successful companies create products and offer services that have a meaningful purpose according to Kawasaki.