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Stuart Hart Imagines a Shift in This Corporate Philanthropy Keynote

 - Aug 27, 2012
References: stuartlhart & youtube
The business world is in the midst of a fundamental transformation, and American academic Stuart Hart delivers a corporate philanthropy keynote to discuss the implications. Hart states that this shift will change the way we do business completely as it implicates the mission, vision and core strategies of companies and corporations as well as philanthropy.

It's time to shift our thinking into inclusive models that is "beyond greening," which is getting to what comes next with clean technology as the agenda for the future. Hart sees an enormous opportunity, and corporate philanthropy can play a key role in catalyzing this.

Hart believes by moving away from conventional new product development, companies need to look towards enabling co-creation. Through engagement with marginalized groups and evolving the business model from the ground up, companies can help transform the real world.