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Kent Thiry Empowers Future Leaders in This Consultant Keynote

 - Aug 16, 2012
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DaVita CEO Kent Thiry discusses how his experiences prior to his leadership role helped him work on his weaknesses in this consultant keynote. Believing that his ability to direct a successful business was a result of gaining so much consulting experience, Thiry states that during that time he was exposed to leading businesses, he was enabled to learn how to be the best. He acknowledges, however, that filling the role of a consultant may not be the best option for everyone.

As Thiry states, people should be chasing their weaknesses. People who are intelligent, but unskilled at managing people thrive in consultant positions. However, these people are working to their strength, and not challenging their weaknesses, which prevents them from optimizing their ability to adapt to new positions. Instead, these people will only grow their inability to take on a leadership role because they have not worked on their weaknesses.

Thiry points out in this consultant keynote that finding positions with opportunities for growth will give people the learning experience needed to thrive as a leader.