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The keynotes by Tim Cook focus on recent graduates, and the power of intuition. Time Cook reflects...

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Tim Cook's Commencement Keynote Speech Inspires Grads to Trust Themselves

 - Aug 4, 2012
References: apple & youtu.be
CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook delivers an inspiring commencement keynote speech to the graduating class of Auburn University in 2010. He shares the most important discoveries of his life as well as his decision to join Apple.

Cook firmly believes in the power of intuition when it comes to making important life decisions. He argues that even the most careful analysis of costs and benefits just does not cut it sometimes. In facing life's most important decisions, Cook relies on intuition and views it as the best route to take.

His commencement keynote speech highlights the ability of intuition to direct or redirect someone in life when they are lost or looking for an answer. Cook reminds the audience that structured, linear life plans do not accommodate intuition, and for this very reason, should be abandoned.