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The Ryan Clements talk shares his personal experience trying to find career fulfillment. The speaker...

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Ryan Clements's Career Talk Discusses Experiencing Your Values

 - Oct 30, 2014
References: youtu.be
In his career talk, Ryan Clements discusses what it means to feel fulfilled and passionate at work.

He shares his personal experiences and disillusionment with the concept of trading time for money to buy things that didn't fulfill him that could disappear instantly. He asked himself when he felt most fulfilled as well as what he valued and realized the two were linked and a pattern emerged. After realizing his day to day work wasn't aligned with what he uniquely valued, the speaker knew a change was necessary.

The career talk discusses the importance of distinguishing between outcomes and consequences. The process of choosing a career can be chaotic. One solution to create order is to choose an outcome, but the better way is to align your values and hobbies so you can experience what you truly value.

To determine if a job is a good fit, the speaker identifies three questions to ask yourself: can you easily trigger flow? Are you easily motivated? And are the actions their own reward?