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Marissa Mayer Presents a Finding Passion Keynote for Students at IIT

 - Oct 5, 2012
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Marissa Mayer, the CEO and president of Yahoo! presented an inspiring finding passion keynote at the Illinois Institute of Technology's commencement in 2009. The theme of her speech focused on finding one's passion in life. Some things in life are much easier to find -- such as a lab partner, the perfect studying technique or the ideal college roommate -- but finding one's passion can often be challenging. Mayer sees it as one of the most important things to find in life as creates a sense of purpose, guidance and inspirational and fulfillment.

Also discussed in her finding passion keynote, is the benefit of surrounding one's self with intelligent and driven people. Working with smart people means that one will be challenged to keep and elevate his or her own performance. Mayer attributes much of her success at Google and Yahoo! to having found her passion at an early age and surrounding herself by bright minds.