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Jack Andraka's Cancer Detection Keynote Discusses his New Test Strip

 - Jul 14, 2013
References: jackandraka.net & youtu.be
Teenage speaker Jack Andraka's cancer detection keynote discusses a new test he developed to spot pancreatic cancer sooner. Andraka's cancer detecting test is inexpensive, quick and more reliable than current detection methods.

Andraka talks about the passing of a loved one due to pancreatic cancer. He says that that's what sparked his interest and kicked off his research. He discovered that pancreatic cancer was extremely hard to detect and that, unless detected early, patients were left with a two percent survival rate.

Andraka put together a test (after a lot of trial and error) that detects not only pancreatic cancer, but also ovarian and lung cancer. There is a protein that is found in excess in the body of someone with these types of cancer. Andraka's paper strip test will react when it comes in contact with this protein.

Jack Andraka's innovative cancer detection test will help to find pancreatic cancer in the early stages, providing people with a good chance for survival.