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Katherine L. Reid's Bodily Eco-Systems Talk Discusses the Harms of MSG

 - May 11, 2014
References: youtube
Biochemist Katherine L. Reid raises awareness about what is in our food with her bodily eco-systems talk. Our bodies operate as eco-systems that support 100 trillion micro-organisms. The biggest impact we can have on our eco-systems is the food we consume. Reid firmly believes that we have the power to control 99 percent of our human eco-system genomics through educated food choice.

In an effort to improve the autistic behaviors of her daughter Brooke, Reid began investigating the effects of monosodium glutamate or MSG in our food. Both gluten and casein proteins contain high amounts of bound glutamine; however, because they're so highly processed in the diet, the bound glutamine becomes free glutamine, which is linked to disease and disorder. The high amounts we're consuming over-activate our glutamine receptors, a stress response which causes inflammation. Though many micro-organisms can adapt their metabolism to this change in environment, not all of them will survive. This means that we are losing beneficial organisms, and ultimately causing both overgrowth and absence in a single eco-system.

By removing MSG from Brooke's diet, Reid was able to ensure she flourished in her environment. In fact, she is no longer considered autistic, according to the evaluation of a clinical psychologist. Considering this impact, Reid hopes that we will make more informed food choices so that we, too, can thrive, instead of merely survive.