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Sandra Aamodt's Dieting Keynote Shows the Dangers of Willpower

 - Jan 21, 2014
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Sandra Aamodt's dieting keynote discusses the benefits of eating mindfully versus dieting through willpower. The social psychologist begins her speech by highlighting the ways the human brain deals with weight. She points out that the brain has its own sense of what the body should weigh, which is called a set point. This set point ultimately means that dieting is forcing the body to be something it isn't, making it impossible to change forever.

While dieting does not lower your set point, weight gain can actually increase it -- meaning it will be harder for the body to lose weight after a temporary weight gain.

Aamodt also reveals that females who diet in their young teens will be three times as likely to be overweight when they're older.

Her solution is to train the body to eat mindfully and intuitively. It is important to eat when you are hungry and to stop when you are full. This dieting keynote offers new facts and unconventional optimism when it comes to obesity and health.