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This Christian Nold Bio Mapping Keynote Speech is Evocative

 - Jun 27, 2012
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Christian Nold makes a strong case for the need to reconnect with the environment and with one's natural surroundings in his bio mapping keynote speech.

A direct physiological connection exists between one's mood and disposition and the physical environment where the person resides. The speaker believes that creating a map of the emotional connection that one has with their physical location can open up a world of possibilities for researching the relationship that exists between location and broader sociological issues.

Most maps of cities and places incorporate the physical landscape as well as the man-made elements but they do not exude the notion that any human beings reside in that location. In this interesting bio mapping keynote speech, Nold suggests revamping traditional cartography so as to visibly document the existence of human civilizations -- and create a living and breathing method of documenting life.