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The Mark Earls speeches delve into the theory of 'social learning.' According to Earls, humans fail... Need Inspiration?

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Mark Earls Discusses Attitude Mirroring and Dependent Action

 - Feb 12, 2012
References: wired & youtube
This speech, which discusses the idea of 'social learning' comes from account planner and executive opinionator Mark Earls. He suggests that humans do not act independently, but mirror the behavior they see around them. Humans lean on a ‘thinking shortcut,’ a principle Earl calls ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having.’ The theory explores the capacity of the brain as a social-monitoring machine rather than a calculator. The brain naturally entangles actions and emotions with the people in our environment.

Earls argues that rather than being rational beings, humans are fundamentally social and do not act independently. These conclusions usher in a series of implications for businesses and organizations in a wide range of industries. Managers would be wise to incorporate these observations in such operations as recruiting to ensure that efficient and esteemed candidates are hired.