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A.J. Jacobs Discusses Religion in His Biblical Ethics Keynote

 - Feb 9, 2014
References: ajjacobs & youtube
Author and journalist A.J Jacobs discusses his experiment to live his life as close to the bible as possible in his biblical ethics keynote. He discusses the difficulties, absurdities and important lessons he learned by following the bible literally. He learned that the bible has rules that are ridiculous, but also some rules that improved his life, like the rule to give thanks. Jacobs also learned not to judge people, no matter their religion.

Jacobs’ biblical ethics keynote also discusses the need to pick and choose what rules to follow. Fundimentalists may criticize this approach, but there are some rules that just cannot be followed or come into conflict with other rules. Jacobs brings up the need to choose to live by rules of compassion over rules of hate and discrimination.