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Willie Jolley's Attitude of Excellence Keynote is Empowering

 - Jun 17, 2012
References: williejolley & youtube
Motivation guru and professional speaker Willie Jolley talks about the key to turning setbacks into comebacks in this attitude of excellence keynote. Once a singer at a nightclub, Willie was let go and replaced by a karaoke machine. Instead of letting that setback deter him, Jolley decided to pursue his dreams with an attitude of excellence.

Requested by a diverse group of people from schools to churches and large corporations, Willie Jolley shares his story and the steps it takes to get back on one's feet. He addresses five areas with his business-related audiences: leadership development, change development, team building, WOW customer service and having a winning attitude.

There are five key steps that need to be implemented in order to excel past a setback. Wake up and dream, show up and go beyond expectation, stand up and become a leader of one, step up and swing for the fences and understand that a setback is a setup for a comeback.