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Mark Sanborn Believes That Anyone can Adapt the Principles of Business

 - Feb 17, 2012
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Business development expert and author Mark Sanborn stresses that You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader, recalling key examples from his best-seller of the same name. The speaker believes that anyone can adapt business principles and gain success.

Being adaptable, confident and hard-working allows individuals to adapt leadership qualities that will take them far in life. Giving examples from his book, Sanborn showcases the many similarities found in the struggles faced by those from different cultural and economic backgrounds.

Stressing the importance of leadership attitudes, Sanborn highlights the belief that anyone, anywhere can lead and exert positive influence. Showcasing how hard-working employees reached the top of their field, the speaker proves right in his statement and encourages those on the path to success to persevere with persistence, hard work and self-belief.