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Colin Stokes Talks the Journey of a Hero in His Application of Film Speech

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: blogger & youtube
Speaker Colin Stokes discusses how the Hero’s Journey reflects real life in his application of film speech. The Hero’s Journey is an extremely common narrative in film and literature and Stokes looks at who and what this narrative symbolizes and what it means in reality. The traditional hero’s Narrative has a Caucasian male as its protagonist. Stokes looks at how these types of films affected him as a young man and how it affects people today.

Stokes comments on how white people are often seen as protagonists, but people of color don’t have that same privilege. Stokes reflects on the need for people to not just see themselves as the protagonist in life, but view others as protagonists in their own stories. Colin Stokes’ application of film speech opens people up to the possibility of being supporting players or even villains in another’s hero narrative.