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The Dr. Paul Koeck Anxiety Talk Describes Online Programs for Emotional Health

 - Jul 7, 2015
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In his anxiety talk, Dr. Paul Koeck explains how just 15 minutes a day can prevent or reverse feelings of burnout. Stress, depression and anxiety are more than negative emotions; they can actually affect your organs. This includes the part of your brain that deals with memory, making it more difficult for people experiencing such things to focus on who they want to be or what they want to accomplish.

The anxiety talk describes a protocol the speaker developed that can help people reach normal stress levels in just three weeks. People who fail to manage their stress do so for a number of reasons. This includes the failure to make a decision, to implement a system, to gain the right insights or knowledge or to work on a system on a daily and consistent basis.

Improving your emotional health requires changing your everyday habits, according to the anxiety talk. Self-reflection and asking the right questions is a key part of this. This can be done through Koeck's 15 Minutes 4 Me program.