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Francesca Gino Talks About Peer Comparisons in This Anxiety Speech

 - Jul 4, 2013
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Author Francesca Gino uses her behavioral research in this anxiety speech to explain how peer comparisons can lead to poor decision making. Gino discusses why comparing oneself to peers can lead to performance anxiety and cloud judgement.

As an example of how status anxiety can effect one's judgement, Gino describes a business scenario for viewers. She asks viewers to imagine that an individual is offered a job at a company where their peers all make the same wage. Then she asks people to imagine that this individual is also offered a second job, where their wage would be larger than the other job but not as large as their peers. She claims that most people would take the lower paying job because the second scenario would make them question their performance and value.

Gino encourages people to actively shut out status anxiety and avoid making peer comparisons in the workplace.