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Matthew Johnstone Provides a Positive Outlook in This Clarity Keynote

In today's busy society, we often forget about the stuff that will help us live healthier lives, but this clarity keynote seeks to provide positivity in our lives. The speech is given by the acclaimed author and illustrator Matthew Johnstone who is trying to mainstream meditation in order to provide us greater clarity in our lives and become more present.

Matthew Johnstone helps us to build resilience through these mental and physical tips to accept what you can and cannot change in the world. Negative thinking hinders our ability to concentrate, sparking anxiety, stress and depression, yet through meditation Johnstone believes we can turn down the volume by sitting with intention and unplugging from the world in order to become an observer. Using Johnstone's techniques, the ability to channel meditation in order to stay resilient from stress and negative thinking and live positively. This will then maximize our efficiency in all aspects of our lives.