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Harrison Ford's Acting Speech on Informing Performances with Empathy

 - Aug 28, 2013
References: imdb & youtu.be
Harrison Ford discusses how nature informs his performances in this acting speech. Ford states that he's always seen empathy as being a part of method acting. In fact, he refers to empathy as the basis for great acting. He says that it's important to understand how people feel. In terms of playing a character, it's important to know how they fit into their environment. Actors need to know whether their characters have a positive or negative effect on their surroundings.

Ford also states that while he has no formal religion, he finds an ethical reality in nature. He enjoys the quiet beauty of it. The enjoyment and preservation of nature informs Ford in every way.

As an actor, Ford is informed by nature in terms of fictional settings. And in his personal life, he finds himself informed by nature at every turn.